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Fitness By The Fells

Fitness day celebrating local instructors, eating flapjack 

and having a laugh.

Every time it is different however the format stays the same.



For many years I travelled around the UK to try other peoples classes at fitness days.


Then I realised why don't we have our own ones here, with local instructors.

The first ever Fitness By The Fells started in 2014 and has been going ever since (only gap was for COVID).

We've enjoyed Scottish Dancing, Yoga, Bootcamp, Bokwa, Clubbersize, Just Jhoom, Zumba Toning, Primal Flow, Boxercise, Pilates, Metafit, Willpower and Grace, Cobrafit, Insanity, Balletfit, Sosa, Salsa and more......

And lots of cake plus flapjack!

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