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Debbie Jackman fitness instructor and personal trainer

Meet Debbie

Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

I've always been interested in exercise and fitness so in 2005 trained as a gym instructor.  Since then I've branched out into exercise to music and personal training.  


I live in Penruddock with husband Dylan, sons Norman and George plus dog Ally.

I'm passionate about having fun and getting the most out of life.  I love cooking, camping and being outdoors.  

My belief is that you need to make the most of each day, learn from mistakes and not give up.

Debbie Jackman enjoying a run

My Vision

My vision is to provide fun, effective fitness for all.  


I believe there is an exercise or movement suitable for everyone.  Fitness is for all and adaptations can be made. 


I like to build confidence in individuals so that they listen to their body and are able to alter exercises as necessary. 

I think exercise should be fun, not boring; the social side is as important as the movement.

Debbie Jackman with family walking in the rain

My Career


Gym Instructing

Exercise to Music

Nutrition and Weight Management

Exercise and Fitness Knowledge

Advanced Weight Training

Advanced Aerobic Training

Specialist Personal Trainer

GP Referrals, Low Risk Conditions

Exercise for Long Term Neurological Conditions

Health Related Fitness for Children

Older Adults in Transition

Ante/Post Natal Exercise

Parkinson's: Physical Activity/Exercise

Functional Training for the Independent Older Adult

Exercise and Aging

Qualified to Teach

Indoor Cycling

Nordic Walking


Advanced Boxercise

Primal Flow

Senior Exercise

Ski/Trek Fitness



Interval Training

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