Meet Debbie

My Vision

My vision is to provide fun, effective fitness for all.  


I believe there is an exercise or movement suitable for everyone.  Fitness is for all and adaptations can be made. 


I like to build confidence in individuals so that they listen to their body and are able to alter exercises as necessary. 

I think exercise should be fun, not boring; the social side is as important as the movement.

Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

I've always been interested in exercise and fitness so in 2005 trained as a gym instructor.  Since then I've branched out into exercise to music and personal training.  


I live in Penruddock with husband Dylan, sons Norman and George plus dog Ally.

I'm passionate about having fun and getting the most out of life.  I love cooking, camping and being outdoors.  

My belief is that you need to make the most of each day, learn from mistakes and not give up.