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Classes for All!

If you haven't realised before. I tailor sessions to you. Both group and individual.

I encourage you to do what you can, and rest when you need to. I trust you to decide what is right for yourself but to give things a go. I'm there to help or to provide alternative moves when necessary.

This week a couple in their 80's asked me to pop round to see if they would be able to join the Threlkeld classes. We chatted, I saw how they could move and said....yes come. But just rest when you need to.

Fitness+ is not an easy class. It is 30 mins of aerobics and 30 mins of bodyweight toning. One lady uses a chair for some moves. It really is for everyone.

So, they came and did brilliantly. I thought maybe they'd pushed themselves too much, but no....

"We both found it incredibly exhausting - but - WILL BE BACK NEXT WEEK !!!! PS X really did enjoy and is VERY keen to return."

Phew!! Feel very proud of them.

If you are not sure if a class is for you then I am more than happy to chat things through or do a private session for you to get comfy before a group situation.

Get in touch and we can put your mind at rest.

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