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Covid Experiences

It's been a long time since life was "normal" and we will all feel different about things opening up. 

You may have had one covid jab, no jabs, two jabs.  You might even have had covid.

You might be desperate for a hair cut or still waiting for that lockdown hair cut to regrow.

Life may not have changed much for you, it might have got ridiculously busy or it might have ground to a stop.

You might have enjoyed too much baking or taken up walking/jogging and feel fitter than ever.

Those around you may have been greatly effected by the past year, or have simply rolled with it.

Whatever your situation, as things open up, do what feels right for you.  And be kind to those around you.  There is no right or wrong thing to do.  We have all had different experiences this year.

Stay positive, stay safe and keep moving!

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