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Try Something New

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

I admit I thought Ally's days of walks were over. To simply head out around the village was a drag - literally.

Ally is our beloved dog, aged 16 and her age is finally catching up with her.

But last week we took her on a flat walk, ready to turn back at any time, and she managed 3 miles.

Think she is just bored of walks from her front door.

And this weekend Ally has just been with me on her first wild camping trip. She actually trotted up the fell to my usual spot and seemed to enjoy the small tent as well.

She never stops surprising me in what she is able to do.

So if you are feeling like Ally, bored of your usual routine, then try something new. It will lift your mood, and you might be surprised in what you can achieve.

"Begin each day with a little courage, a little curiosity, and a little spring in your step."

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