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Top Tips to Overcome Barriers

This path has a barrier of nettles at the start and at the end, however they don't stop me getting to enjoy the magical path through the hedges on my local jog.

And although my legs are still tingling a bit a few hours later (I was wearing shorts), I smile at the journey and feeling of accomplishment.

So if you are finding barriers are stopping you:

  • getting active

  • completing a task

  • having time for yourself

Here are some tips that might help:

  • Plan in your diary what you want to achieve and when. For example today I planned to get out for a jog... so I mentally was prepared to do it.

  • Get ready for your task ahead. Using today as an example again, I got dressing in the correct underwear for a jog first thing in the morning... so I was dressed for it.

  • Find slots in your day - even if just 10 mins. Today I prepared dinner then whilst it was cooking popped out for my jog... and I felt so much better for it.

Other techniques are, arranging something with others, making a booking with a business, being inspired by those around you and remembering how good you feel when you do something (talk, activity or just breathe).

If you need help overcoming your barriers to feeling good then do get in touch.

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