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Want some Nordic Poles, bands or balls?

I have just added a shopping page to this site so that you can purchse equipment that I use and recommend.

But how do you know what to go for? Here is my review of the items listed and when you might choose them.

Nordic Poles

There are many types of nordic poles out there and I am listing four.

If you are just starting out I'd go for the Leki Spin Shark poles. These are the cheapest, are height adjustable and are the most popular with my groups. They come with straps and rubber paws for walking on hard ground.

If you are tall and would like less bounce and a slightly lighter pole then go for the Leki Instructor Lite. These come with paws and slightly larger straps.

The final two poles are the Leki Trail TA a fixed length pole that folds down into a size that you can fit into your rucksack. These poles are made from aluminium and I have found slightly harder to pull into position than the carbon but do the job fine.

And finally the Micro Flash Carbon which is as per the Trail but slightly lighter due to the carbon. Both these come with rounded paws and straps.

Resistance Bands

Different manufacturers produce bands in different colours and different resistances. I have even heard of a pack that you can buy on Amazon that comes in different colours for different lengths and the resistance is the same.

These bands have been used in classes for years and they last; plus compared to some other makes a lot stronger. They are not the type used for physio.

Pink is for those who have just started out on their fitness journey. Purple is what I use. And green is for those who want higher resistance and planning on fewer reps.

Bender Balls

These soft mini balls are great for supporting, strengthening, destabilizing and stretching. They have been used for years at my group sessions plus personal training as they are great at challenging the core.

Let me know if you are looking for something specific or have any questions.

All prices include UK postage, except the Nordic Poles, however this can be arranged if necessary.

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