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24 Hours in a Day

I've recently been pondering my week. I only have 24 hours in a day. What would I like to do with that time? What things do I need to do?

Work and family time

Hobbies and catching up with friends

House work and volunteering

In what order would you write your list? What are your priorities?

I then got out my diary and looked at how I was actually spending my time. It turns out work seems to dominate more than I'd like it to, and other things are not being planned. Eeek!

As I am self employed the sessions I have booked in my diary are only part of my working week. There are plans to write, travel, marketing, finance etc..... And I've realised I am working later and later into the night.

What is your week like? If you were to have you ideal realistic life what would it look like?

So question is...what can I change to allow more time for other things. How can I make sure that I get to do things with family and friends, the house isn't such a tip, and I finally get the booking system and website sorted for the village hall?

Answer...I've decided to run Nordic Walking and Nordic Natter on a monthly basis but at different locations and I'm going to spend the weeks when it is not on doing admin so that I can enjoy evenings switching off.

I'm now in the process of planning things with the family and friends, and contemplating cleaning the house....

I love everything I do...but I cannot do everything I love. How about you?

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