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At Your Age!

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

I recently got thinking about why we assume people will do certain things or look a certain way at an age.

Just because someone is 90 doesn't necessarily mean that they should wear sensible clothes, love baking and gardening, go to cafes plus struggle to walk. That might relate to some, however it doesn't apply to everyone.

I know a sprightly 90 year old who can get up and down from the floor with ease, loves her leggings and new trainers plus is often spotted out walking.

And 90 is not the new 70. We all age differently. Are you "old" when you are 50? As classes used to be described as for 50+. I'm almost 50 and I don't feel I need an older demographic class.

Many of us, have a picture of what people should do as they age. But should we?

I would say apart from a few niggles I am fitter than I was in my 30's. I currently don't think there is anything I shouldn't do/wear given my age. There are plenty of things I don't want to do/wear, but that is different.

I have been asked "What are you going to do when you get older?", "You cannot keep teaching fitness". And that got me thinking. Why can't I?

Accellerated aging occurs due to inactivity, so if I can keep teaching at some level until I'm 60/70/80, then I get to keep active as part of my normal routine. I'll still age but at a slower pace. I love what I do, so currently have no thoughts of stopping.

I love this graphic about when it is too late to start something new.

So what ever it is. If you fancy giving it a it! Whether it's drumming, learning a new language, boxing..... Same with wearing things. Dig out those shorts if you want to wear them. Put on that purple top!

The press often show getting old as bad. Selling a moisturiser that will keep you looking young, a hair colourant that will get rid of those white streaks. But what is wrong with grey hair and wrinkles!

I never look at anyone and think they look old. I sometimes look at myself and need to have a little word with myself, however never anyone else. It is something that happens. It is nature and we need to embrase it.

Why do we stereotype people?

We all naturally stereotype as it sort of helps us work out how life should happen, but we should resist and take the person for who they are.

I recently heard that older people were wiser. This may be true but the flip side of the coin is that they have more experience of being wrong.

So what ever your age, keep doing what you are doing, start new things if you want to and feel confident in what you wear. Let people comment that you shouldn't be wearing/doing X, Y or Z "At Your Age!"

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