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Big Girl Pants

Updated: May 8, 2021

After 15 years as a fitness instructor, I am as passionate about my job as I was when I started out. I love what I do and love helping others to get the most out of life.

I enjoy helping everyone, no matter what their background, ability, fitness, age...however feel my strength is in getting less active women physically active in a non-intimidating, fun way.

I love nothing more than to hear that someone has improved their balance, can get to the floor with ease, is developing their press ups, is feeling relaxed with their weight....

I've thought recently about setting up a session just for those who are nervous about exercise, however do you know what? All the sessions are friendly, can be tailored to all abilities and are not your typical highly polished performaces, they are really relaxed and go with the flow.

So if you are nervous about exercise:

- get in touch and have a chat

- join a session and smile

- it doesn’t matter if you put a step wrong or choose to rest or vary the exercise for your limitations, it's your class

Listen, even I gets it wrong sometimes! Plus, when I show an easier option it might be for someone in the session or because I want a rest too.

I do my best to inspire others; to change lives. However, you need to put your big pants on and take that first step to join a class. You never know who you will inspire; your friend, mum, children, aunt.....

The following are some comments received recently following posts on Facebook. They were not requested and so lovely to receive.

"This is something you do really well: cheering people on to try more than they might have thought they could; and I always trust your judgement because you're also great when people really do need to take things a bit easier - encouraging them to keep showing up and focusing on their technique, so they're still getting lots from the session...."

"Your classes are amazing & I love your professional yet relaxed approach. You encourage others so much...."

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