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Class Descriptions

Updated: Mar 11

Let's Walk Online - Mon and Wed 9am

Walking workout for those who want to build activity into their day. No complicated moves, simply different steps all to music. About 3,000 steps and over 1 mile covered in this 30 min session.


Get Fit 4 Life - Warcop Mon 2pm, Stainton Wed 10.15am, Langwathby Fri 10.15am

Fabulous fun way to improve or maintain mobility.  After a little catch up we dance to warm up, strengthen, play games, or do some pair work, stretch, challenge our balance, and then relax with some breath work. Something to look forward to in the week.  If you want to do it all seated, then that is fine. If you want to stand up for most of it, then that is fine too.


Primal Flow Online – Mon 5.30pm

Move your body as you are meant to. Think Pilates/Yoga style. Each week we will work on mobility, strength and flexibility. Some easy moves, some a bit more challenging.  Primal Flow - is more than repeating a movement again and again, it is about your flow!


Fitness + - Threlkeld Tue 4.30pm, Millhouse Tue 6.15pm

This one hour class is a mixture of moving to music, toning and stretching out. Every term it is slightly different. But generally we start with some dancing, then primal flow and finish with a relaxation section.

Get Fit 4 Life Online – Fri 9am

Gentle seated/standing session. Fabulous way to stretch and work at a gentler pace. After a little catch up we work on balance, strength and mobility. Definitely something to look forward to in the week.  A small ball and resistance band plus chair is required. I can post these out to you.


Outdoor Fitness – Dockray Fri 12 noon

Interval training, boxercise, bootcamp, movement to music, games, nordic walking and mobility on the green. Mixed ability group suitable for all. Most weeks are different due to numbers, weather and attendees.  Goes ahead in all weathers.

Let’s Box – Stainton Fri 1.30pm

Full body workout where time just flies by.  After a warm up we play a game, then put on the gloves for some pad work included.  Strength, co-ordination, balance, cardio and memory exercises all in one session.  Technique is taught as we play.  It is more than just arms and legs.  Learn to kick and punch using your whole body.  You will love it! 

Nordic Walking and Whole Body Walking – Monthly

Walking with poles is a great way to exercise the whole body and enjoy a good chat at the same time. The poles propel you forward, spread the workload throughout your body, burn more calories, help with balance and tone your arms. Poles provided to those who don't have them. Various loops covered. Beginners welcome as I can teach the technique as we walk.

Any questions on classes or what might be suitable for yourself then do message me on or call 07776162125.

Note: Venues, dates and times are correct as per January 2024. Please check timetable for latest information.

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