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Cold Water Challenge

Earlier this year a friend challenged me to sign up to the Cold Water Challenge organised by Cancer Research UK (a 30 sec cold shower or swim each day in November).

I knew I could do the swim, but on busy days could I stand in a cold shower for 30 secs? I wasn't sure but was up for giving it a go.

I'd recently listened to Michael Mosely's pod cast on the health benefits of cold water showers and so knew it would be good for me.

The benefits of cold water include:

  • It boosts your immune system

  • It gives you a natural high

  • It improves your circulation

  • It burns calories

  • It reduces stress

And do you know what? I managed it!

It wasn't always easy. Some days I had to swim in the dark, other days when it was very choppy. But the group of ladies I met during the challenge have been so supportive. And my family even joined for a few dips.

I'm now looking for a challenge for January, as I find challenges motivate me to step out of my comfort zone and find that glow of accomplishment.

Find something that will push you, to challenge'll love it!

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