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Fitness Instructor and/or Coach?

At my recent swimming lesson I realised that I might actually finally get it. I was being given drills to work on. Not shown roughly what a crawl looks like then left to it.

I mentioned this to the teacher and she said that the difference is she coaches and doesn't simply instruct.

This got me thinking. I often answer questions about what I do with... "I'm just a fitness instructor". But am I really?

Yes I instruct, but I also go round and check everyone is doing it right. I ask "Can you feel it here?". I will stop a session to teach the move correctly to everyone. I break moves down so that individuals can build up strength and awareness......

So I'd say I coach as well. What do you think?

And anyway. I should loose the "just". I am proud of what I do as instructor plus coach.

What ever you do you are not "just" anything. Be proud.

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