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Get Down (and Back Up)

This morning I received an email from a lady who attends my classes. She'd had a fall during the night on a hard floor and her husband was away. She was bruised but luckily nothing broken and she used the techniques that we practice in class to get up. Phew!

Why am I telling you this?

Because what ever age you are it is important to keep practicing getting down to the ground and back up. If for some reason this would cause you damage then just go through the motions in your mind. You never know when you might need it.

In class we look at a number of ways:

Hand walk out

To get to the ground - Bend legs and place hands on the floor in front of you. Walk them forward until your knees are on the ground. If you have a bad knee or knee replacement and cannot put pressure on your joint then you can twist your hips so that you sit in a side sitting position with your bad side on top.

To get up - In a side sitting or kneeling position place your hands on the ground. Transfer weight into your feet and lift your knees off the ground. Walk your hands back towards your feet until you feel the weight fully in your feet. Lift your hands off the ground and stand up.


To get to the ground - Step forward with one leg keeping it hip distance apart. Bend both legs so that your back knee touches the ground. Bring your front leg back so that you are kneeling on both knees. You might find holding onto something or placing your hands on your front knee helps with balance and strength.

To get up from the ground - From a kneeling position take one leg forward keeping it hip distance apart and tuck back toes under. Press into front foot and back toes to lift back knee off the floor and stand up. Bring front leg back or back leg forward so feet are together. Just like going down you might like to hold something or press your hands into your front knee.

With a lunge position do practice stepping forward with each leg so that you build strength and co-ordination.

Holding On

To get to the ground - Hold on to something stable, maybe a solid chair at the base and push into your hands. Then step back one leg and the other until kneeling.

To get up from the ground - Crawl, bottom something stable. Get onto your knees if you can, then put your hands on the support ie chair and curl your toes under. Press into your toes and hands to lift your knees off the ground, then either step forward with one leg then the other, or do a few steps forward so that you are able to stand once more.

If possible see if you can get to the ground and back up without any additional support. But if you need it then you need it.

Don't stop

And practice. It is only by repeating a move that you get better at it. You gain confidence and strength. But as mentioned above if it is likely to cause damage or excess pain just picture the move.

If you have any questions on any of the above, or have a way that works for you then please get in touch.

I'm here to help.

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