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I've Failed!

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

This month I am doing two challenges. One is to only drink water (no fizzy drinks, tea, coffee, alcohol....) and the other is to run a marathon (over the 31 days).

I was doing really well then on Thursday I realised by mistake I'd drunk a cup of tea. I hadn't made it or bought it. It was offered to me and only later did I realise my mistake of drinking the brew.

Some might think "I have failed" at the challenge, but I see it as a learning experience. Yes, I made a mistake but I'm still going to complete the month.

It's been said "Just give up now", however why? If I do that then I definitely won't have completed the challenge. However, by continuing with the added awareness of when I might slip up, I feel the challenge will be complete. I'll even do an extra day!

This mindset can apply to anything you set your mind to.

If you are have decided to stop eating biscuits and you unintentionally eat a biscuit. Do you then just eat the rest of the packed because.... well, you've failed anyway? NO!

You just get back on track.

And anyway, you have to remember why you are making the change, doing the challenge. The reason I chose the water challenge was because I wanted to see how I might feel without alcohol, caffeine, and fizzy drinks. I'd already given myself leeway for a tea (just not this tea), so does it matter that I accidentally slipped up. I'm only doing this for me anyway.

On the jogging challenge I'm about on track. With 12 days to go I have 13 miles to complete, so as long as I plan some sessions into my week, I know I will get there. I've already run half a marathon, so that is pretty awesome already.

So, if you "Have Failed" in your challenge, new year resolution, lifestyle change...think

  • Have you really?

  • Why are you making the change?

  • What have you learnt?

  • Can you get back on track?

Good luck with whatever you are up too.

Links to donation pages are here:

South Sudan is facing more frequent and more severe droughts due to the climate crisis. Money raised could help a community build a local borehole, providing clean, safe water to drink, whatever the weather.

More people than ever are living with diabetes, and more people than ever are at risk of type 2 diabetes. If nothing changes, it is predicted that 5.5 million people will have diabetes in the UK by 2030.

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