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Let's Walk

My most popular online class is Let's Walk. It is 30 mins of movement to music; no jumping; no complex choreography; just dancing.

Why is it so popular?

Probably because you don't feel you are exercising.

There is marching on the spot with technical arm movements like; pointy pointy, twirly twirly; mashed potato and windscreen wipers. Plus a few grapevines, box steps and steps to the side.

Why is it good for you?

The class works both your arms and legs plus everyting inbetween. One lovely comment received today was:

"Before your class I could not lift my arm above my shoulder. Now I can."

I find it is one of my most warming classes which proves that it is great for keeping your heart and lungs heathly, muscles supple and strong, and burns plenty of calories.

Everyone does what they can. I have had people do some, then sit out for a bit, then join back in. And then they start doing a bit more each time. This is very rewarding to see.

Why is it called Let's Walk?

Because over the 30 mins we complete over 3,000 steps which is about 1 1/2 miles. And it is low impact. No jumping or running. Just steps.

I'm not keen on online. Can I do it anywhere else?

The Let's Walk routine is part of the Let's Move face to face class in Penrith.

I did smile this morning when one lady commented that she is not keen on exercise but really notices the difference when she does this class. It really is for everyone.

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