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Minimalist Shoes

I love it when people talk to me about feet and shoes. And love it even more when I hear that people have gone out and bought some barefoot/minimalist style shoes... like a lady who attends the Dockray Outdoor Fitness class.

We stand and walk lots, so we need our feet to be strong. Having supportive shoes are great, but wouldn't it be better if you can build strength in your feet like the rest of your body?

I personally spend 90% of my time in very soft shoes or socks, but still use supportive innersoles in my walking boots and when I do longer runs.

If you want to know more about footwear then do ask or message me. I am not on commission just have reaped the benefit of stronger feet for the past 10+ years.

Since writing this Blog I am aware of a number of others who have purchased these shoes and love them. Let me know if you have made the change too.

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