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I've recently been listening to a number of podcasts and am now pondering the following:

Variety in what you eat is key to a healthy gut.

Our gut is very closely linked with how we feel, so we need to keep it healthy with plenty of variety. It is suggested that we should try to eat from the following food groups every day: vegetables, fruit, wholegrain, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices; plus pulses and legumes.

I admit I don't, but do try to eat a varied diet and cook mainly from scratch. I like to have lots of colours on my plate but could do with increasing pulses and legumes in my diet. We get a mystery box of fruit and veg each fortnight so it makes me cook different things and use up a certain quantity of fresh fruit and vegetables.

This week see how many different real foods you can eat. I believe the goal is 30!

If you don't put in the right ingredients how can you make something good.

When you cook something you make sure that you have the right ingredients otherwise it isn't going to turn out well. That is true with our time. If we don't allocate time to the things that are important to us be it friends and family, movement, stillness, learning, work....then we are unlikely to be satisfied with the result.

Plus If you put too much time into one area then something else must give. This is why it is good to plan your week. Otherwise things that are important to you might not happen.

I am conscious that I have not done crafting recently, so I've just got out my diary and allocated some time towards this. I'm still up for impromptu moments and maybe it looks a bit formal putting in times, but at least I know that I will do it and not just leave it to chance.

So take this time now to have a think. In your normal week do you spend time on all the things that are important to you? If not maybe allocate some time and see if you prefer the results.

I particulary like The Diary of a CEO plus The Mid Point with Gabby Logan podcasts, and there are some good points on the Retirement Cafe.

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