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Set a Challenge

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Every Christmas it is the same. I eat and drink more than normal plus exercise less. But this is ok. I enjoy it and just get back to normal in the New Year if not before.

That said, I do like a little challenge to get things kick started. Not just in January but at anytime that I fancy picking things up a gear.

And because a challenge is at a set time and for a set duration, for me it's more do-able and get's me started.

During the last year I completed a Cold Water Challenge and also a Seize The Day Challenge. The first being organised by Cancer Research UK and the second one I just fancied doing, with donations to Blood Cancer UK. Over £1,500 being raised for these charities.

A challenge can help set new routines and habits. For example I am still swimming in Ullswater twice a week. Or be a once off like the run a mile every hour for 24 hours. Not in a rush to do that again.

So if you've struggling to get started, or to stay motivated long enough to see results, then why not set yourself a challenge with a deadline or sign up to one of the following:

If you don't want to run but fancy a challenge then walk it instead. Remember this challenge is your challenge. So set accordingly. And it doesn't have to be active. You could choose to do say a watercolour each day, or play the piano for 30 mins each day.

I personally am going to set myself a double challenge:

To only drink water in January for Christian Aid. I would like to see how my mood, skin, sleep changes by focusing on drinking water, plain and simple water.

I nearly didn't sign up to this one due to a particular event in January however if I break the challenge for a cup of tea once in the month and then do an extra day, I'm good with that.

To run a marathon in January for Diabetes UK. I do enjoy running but don't always give myself time to get out, and with a now elderly dog, walks do not happen as they used to, so this will motiviate me during these darker days.

If I raise funds for these charities great. However, I am really doing this for me.

Links to donation pages are here:

Christian Aid - Drink only water for a month South Sudan is facing more frequent and more severe droughts due to the climate crisis. Money raised could help a community build a local borehole, providing clean, safe water to drink, whatever the weather.

More people than ever are living with diabetes, and more people than ever are at risk of type 2 diabetes. If nothing changes, it is predicted that 5.5 million people will have diabetes in the UK by 2030.

Let me know if you decide to set yourself a challenge in either January or at any time. I'm always interested in what you are up to and happy to help motivate you in any way I can.

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