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Take That First Step

Recently I was asked if I wanted to take part in a ladies softball festival, to which as I was free, I said yes.

But then I started to wonder what had I let myself in for. Apart from a taster years ago I had no idea how to play the game.

But I need not have worried. There were plenty of other people who had no idea what was going on and the umpires kept us right. The sun shone, the day was relaxed and there was prosecco plus strawberries to enjoy!

There were people who could hit the ball, bowl and catch. There were women of all ages from school age up to retired. One team even had their own team kit, but most ladies just wore the T-shirts handed out at the start. I knew a few people there but the majority of my team I had not met before or only briefly.

So, if you fancy trying something new....take that first step. We've all been there, worried that we will get things wrong, that we don't know anyone, that we haven't taken the right things along. Because you will be fine....or even great!

I pride myself on having, dare I say, middle of the road classes for all. You can make them harder or easier. I love seeing people adapt things for themselves or ask for alternative moves. And most importantly SMILE!

And if the class times, locations or my teaching style is not for you then try out one of the many other exercise professionals in the area (Deborah, Helen, Sarah, Roo, Tray, Polly, Wiz, Kate, Jo, name a few). I am happy to advise or take a peak at Penrith Fitness on Facebook.

When the schools return is the time when new timetables are launched (around 6th September), so check out the timetables that are being advertised and book yourself onto a few. Face to face plus online still being offered by instructors in our area.

Then Take That First Step.....

Keep me posted as to how you get on.

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