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What Happens?

Getting older happens.

I go through phases of not liking photos of myself. I think I look old, wrinkly, grey.... But as someone pointed out to me. What is wrong with that? Products shouldn't be called anti aging, but maybe pro aging. We need to accept aging and make the most of it.

Be brave, be in photos..... you and others will thank you for it.

As time goes on we should do what we can to keep mentally and physically well. The guidelines are 150 mins moderate activity or 75 mins vigerous activity a week, plus 2 strength and 2 stretch sessions. But it is also important to eat well, keep mentally active and feel socially connected. This might be to do some volunteering, learn a new skill, join a regular group, reduce ultra processed foods...

When we do all we can to stay fit and well, this changes the risk of getting certain conditions and improves recovery after injury.

I sometimes hear people say where does time go! When we are young time seems to pass a lot slower. This is because there are lots of new things to experience. Which is why it is good to break from your normal routine and do something different. That could be to go travelling, walking your usual route the other way round, cook something new....

What are you going to do this week that is out of routine?

Finally, I heard an interesting point of view about chronic pain this week. Instead of stopping doing the thing that hurts do them more often but to a lesser extent and build up. Like phobia's you need to show your body that it is ok, that it doesn't need to panic and send pain signals, that what you are doing is ok and is not going to damage you. That said, you have to check that what you are doing is not causing any trauma physically.

What do you think of this idea? If you have chronic pain how do you deal with it?

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