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Who am I?

I often get asked what I do. So I say I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer, but am I really.

I could say I was an occupational therapist as I run sessions to build confidence on getting up from the floor.

I could say I am a gait analyst as I often tweak individuals posture and gait in order to enable them to move better.

I could say I am a life coach as I discuss how activity could fit into peoples lifestyles. How small steps build into bigger results.

I could say I am an entertainer as my sessions are fun, and smiles are a key measure to how well they have gone.

I could say I am a physiotherapist as I help people with knee, hip, back.....pain.

But I don't; as although I have 16 years of experience of teaching and research I don't have the qualifications. I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer who can offer so much more.

I love to help people:

- understand their bodies and how they move

- to feel good about themselves

- to be fit for life!

If I can help you in any way then do get in touch, as I am here for you.

PS: What I'm not is a marketing specialist.

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