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Why I love Kickboxercise

Last night instead of solely teaching, I got to take part in a class and came away with such a buzz, that I want to pass over why I love Kickboxercise.

It's a Great Workout

After a general warm up to some 90's club classics we paired up to do a little cardio work (shuttle runs plus basic punches). As you are paired up for this you can chat, have a giggle, feel part of something and not alone. It also means you work and then rest whilst holding the pads for your partner. Perfect!

We then took things up a level and added some knee strikes into the mix plus optional power moves. This really gets your heart working and improves your cardio capacity.

Next, we got the strike shields out to develop our kicks. Kicks are fantastic in so many ways. They improve your balance, body awareness, loosen hips, strengthen core and are very satisfying. As it was an experienced group we ran through, front, side & turning. But if there are beginners then we might just focus on one kick and I'll give challenges to those who want to do more.

Finally, we completed a seated abs section punching pads, tightening glutes and working triceps. Oh and then stretched out.

This was last night and I really enjoyed it all. Every week is slightly different. Over the half term I build on the previous week and add some new sections, so it is not boring.


  • Works balance, strength, flexibility, cardio and co-ordination

  • Focuses mind and releases tension

  • Paired work is social and fun

  • Music keeps the pace and adds atmosphere

It's Suitable for Everyone!

Over the years I have taught a great variety of fitness levels and abilities. From those with arthritis who cannot get to the ground, to those who have a high fitness level and when not doing kickboxercise can be found on long bike rides or swimming in the lake.

My groups are small so I can watch what everyone is doing, suggest alternatives and give personal areas to work on. Everyone develops from their starting point.

Boxing/Boxercise/Kickboxing is excellent for those with Parkinson's and I have seen the difference it makes to those with this condition. As stated on the Rock Steady Boxing website: "Non-contact boxing inspired classes can reverse, reduce, and even delay the symptoms of PD." How amazing is that!

Because it is non-contact you don't worry about getting hurt. This class is purely for fitness so you can put in as much as you want to. Rest when needed and see how your technique develops over time. Whether you are a beginner or experienced Kickboxercise participant you get a great workout.

Plus, the group is really supportive encouraging, talking and working together.


  • All ages and abilities can do Kickboxercise

  • Non-contact boxing classes can help those with Parkinson's

  • Alternatives can be made for you

  • Supportive group

Why do I teach Kickboxercise?

When I went to University I took up Taekwondo and practiced the sport for many years, so I know my kicks. The main reason why I stopped was because I did not like the fights that were part of the grading system plus an option in the competitions. I was always in the heavy weight category against some really strong ladies, and spent the whole time apologising for getting points. Fighting is not for me.

So later in life when I started taking classes I was keen to do some form of non-contact boxing inspired classes and completed Boxercise, Kickboxercise and the Advanced Boxercise course. Now due to my pass rates I am classed as an Advanced Instructor (receiving over 80% in each exam).

I love the vibe of these classes and although don't usually take part, I love seeing how everyone progresses, how much fun they have, how time simply flies by....


  • Taekwondo in my 20's

  • Hated fighting

  • Advanced Instructor

  • It's great fun!

Fancy it?

If you are interested in taking part then check out the classes running or get in touch with any questions. I think you might enjoy it. Grunting is optional.

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