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10 Years of Fitness By The Fells

Back in 2014 it dawned on me that I was travelling down to either Blackpool or Sheffield to try different classes, and often they weren't very good.

What I should be doing is trying classes in my local area, and promoting all we have on offer.

That was the moment Fitness By The Fells was born.

At the start I planned 6 classes in a day. However this soon dropped down to 5 and then 4.

The first planned day was cancelled due to low numbers and the second day had more instructors than participants (only 2 booked on and 1 was my sister). However, if I didn't go ahead with it I knew that no further events would occur, and I was sure it was a good thing.

As you can see we have enjoyed a great variety of classes with a variety of instructors.

Have you attended one of these fitness days? If so which classes have been your favourite?

2014 August - Never Ran

Bockwa with Jenny Lockley

Primal Flow with Debbie Jackman

Metafit with Bodyfit with Sam Ayers

Zumba Toning with Linda Vickers

Just Jhoom with Linda Vickers

Classical Yoga with Sue Gordon

2014 November - Only 2 people

Bockwa with Jenny Lockley

Total Combat with Debbie Jackman

Metafit with Bodyfit with Sam Ayers

Zumba Toning with Linda Vickers

Pilates with Deborah Chambers

2015 March

Fit Camp with Debbie Jackman

UNITE with Deborah Chambers

Zumba Fitness with Kelly McClelland

On The Ball with Liz Riley

2015 September

Metafit with Bodyfit with Sam Ayers

Primal Flow with Debbie Jackman

Just Jhoom with Linda Vickers

Budokon Yoga with Holi Ilex

No group photo!

2016 February

Dynamic Yoga with Tray Hughes

Clubbercise with Laura Wharton

Kickboxercise with Debbie Jackman

Yin Yoga with Polly Bainbridge

2016 April - Fitness For All (once off event for seniors)

Get Fit 4 Life with Debbie Jackman

Seated Yoga with Jackie Watts

2016 September

Fun Fitness with Debbie Jackman

Willpower and Grace with Polly Bainbridge

Cobrafit with Diana Yerkess

Pole-ates with Deborah Chambers

Penrith Fitness was born after a chat with Diana Yerkess

2017 March

Insanity with Jan Allan-Relph

Join The Band with Liz Riley

SOSA with Beth Ford

Balletfit with Diana Yerkess

2017 September

Circuits by Wiz Lees

Modern Linedancing by Claire Bell

Body Thrive by Liz Riley

Mindfulness Pilates by Sally Roythorne

2018 January

War Dance with Laura Wharton

Physio-Led Pilates with Mary McCance

Mokyfit with Sophia Clark

Slow Flow Restorative Yoga with Tray Hughes

2018 April

DDMIX with Carol Chappelhow

The Peachy Project with Meg Fynn

Fighting Fit with Roo Bannister

Pilates and Poses with Emma Jayne Lynch

2018 September

Strength and Aerobic Fitness with Fellside ACTIVE

Pilates with Props with Carolyn Brown

Zumba Fitness with Nicola Gale

Pure Stretch with Sarah Newby

2018 November

Body Blast with Roo Bannister

Fun Fitness with Debbie Jackman

Funky Jump with Sarah Newby and Tracy Carruthers

Nordic Walk/Primal Flow with Debbie Jackman

Strong and Long - Pilates for all with Alexis Dykes

2019 January

Transform with Carolyn Helliwell

Insanity with Wiz Lees

Scottish Country Dancing with Christine Sutherland

Daoist Yoga with Rebecca Shepherd

2019 March

March Mash Up with Roo Bannister

Balletfit with Diana Yerkess

Pure Stretch with Sarah Newby

Yoga with Olivia Abbott

2019 October

HIIT FIT with Hollie Gallagher

Stick Mobility Fitness with Jemma Donald

Salsa with Salsa In Cumbria

Feel tall and balanced with Andy Speight

2020 January

Yoga with Mary Glendinning

Line Dancing with Claire Bell

Activation Bands Body Blitz with Sarah Newby

Yogalates with Carolyn Brown

2020 - 2021 COVID

2022 November

Legs, Bums and Tums with Tracy Caruthers

Pilates Intervals with Deborah Chambers

Swingfit with Kate Stacey

Yoga with Rob Fowler

2023 February

Circuits with Rosie Baglee

Pilates with Liv Wiggett

Step with Helen Dawson

Qigong with Claire Grey

2023 March

Strength Circutis with Pauline Ireland

Pilates with Karen Joels

Exercise to Music with Abby Overs

Flow and Yin Yoga with Polly Bainbridge

2023 November

Strongfit with Anne Stowes

Transform with Sliders with Laura Wharton

Jive with Sally @ Borderlands Jive

Yoga Nidra with Paula Caroll

2024 March

Yoga Flows with Vicky Higgins

Circuits with Sarah Newby

Wild Movement Dance with Megan Holloway

Hatha Yoga with Yoga with Hannah

2024 October

Zumba with Emilia Szulc

Rest to be announced!

Did you realise we had so much on in our area?

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