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Nordic Walking - Why?

Updated: Mar 31

Versus Arthritis has recently been focusing on Nordic Walking and this is what they say:

Nordic walking started in Finland but has grown in popularity across the world – and many people with arthritis find it a great way to stay active. So what is Nordic walking? It is a form of outdoor walking which includes the use of specially designed poles. These poles help to work the upper body as well as your lower body whilst you walk. If you live with arthritis, this can be particularly helpful as it reduces the pressure on your joints.

In the blog, Tara, an occupational therapist living with osteoarthritis, explains how Nordic walking has helped her condition, why she trained as a qualified Nordic walking instructor and why she recommends the activity to many people referred to her.

As well as improvements in overall body strength, Nordic walking can be a great way to socialise with others and meet people in your local community. Exercising in nature also boosts mental wellbeing. In the blog, you’ll find tips on how to find a local group and how to access the poles.

Have you ever tried Nordic walking? What was your experience like?

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