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Let's Box - Why?

My Boxercise classes have run for years but recently I've struggled to entice people to give it a go.  I have a regular small group but it would be lovely to see some new faces (I've got bored with the ones there - joking!).  

So here is some information about the session:

😀 It's a full body workout

🫀It improves cardiovascular fitness

🙃It improves stability

🧠It boosts your mental health

⏱It’s ideal for the time-poor

If you are a beginner then don't be afraid.  You will pick up the basics really easily...and then you can take your time to develop your technique. 

No specialist equipment is required as I provide it all, however I do recommend wearing a supportive sports bra (women only).

Before Easter we were boxing to some Rock and Roll tunes and doing a fitness obstacle course. Plus skipping, combinations, kicking across the room and singing...

As with all my classes they are for everyone.

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