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5 Tips To Move Well

When you get out walking, jogging or running do you think about how you move?

Most people don't and I believe they are missing out on both the relaxation plus efficiency that can be gained from, at times, thinking about what they are doing.

So here are my 5 tips on making the most of your time walking, jogging or running. They can be taken one a day or spread over a longer period.

Day 1 - Are you pushing forward?

When you are walking do you take long strides and pull yourself along?

When jogging do you bounce up rather than forward?

If so you are not utilising your body mechanics as well as you could.

Next time you head out then try to:

  • place your feet underneath you, not infront

  • push off from the ball of your feet

Specific to Jogging try to:

  • land on your midfoot or forefoot

  • land with leg bent and hips forward

Specific to Walking try to:

  • land with a soft heel strike

This obviously is my way of moving and you might have a different way that works for you. Let me know how you get on.

Day 2 - How are you holding your arms?

Are you tense when you walk/jog?

Are your arms helping you move?

If you are not utilising your arms, as well as your legs, to move then you are missing a trick. The momentum they can give you really makes a difference

With both Walking/Jogging:

  • ensure your arms are relaxed and there are no white knuckles

Specific to Jogging keep your:

  • arms bent and allow the hands to chop across your mid line

Specific to Walking allow your:

  • arms to swing from the shoulders, like a relaxed march

Is this how you normally move? Let me know.

Day 3 - Where is your head at?

Are you aware of your surroundings?

Next time you head out:

  • look at where you are going not at the detail of the gound (unless you need to)

  • pull your showers down and back

Specific to Jogging:

  • extend through your body and resist leaning forward from the hips

Are you getting out for walks/jogging this week?

Day 4 - Your hips don't lie

Are your hips fixed when you move?

With both Walking/Jogging:

  • press into your hips as you drive forward

  • be aware of how your pelvis moves with each stride

Specific to Jogging:

  • press hips forward to go faster, bring hips backward to slow down

Don't let bad weather stop you getting out. Just wear the correct clothes and shoes.

Day 5 - Why are you walking/running?

How do you feel?

When you are out and about:

  • utilise markers such as trees, lamp posts... to pick up the pace for short sections and focus on your technique

  • utilise all the previous tips to power up when you need to

  • it is ok to just get out, with no expectations, but also ok to challenge yourself

  • enjoy yourself

And that's it from me. If you have any questions then do message me or ask at class.

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