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Don't Feel Guilty

I was recently talking to a friend who felt guilty for going for a walk at lunchtime as she was meant to be working from home. Plus another friend who questioned why she couldn't find the time to keep fit.

And it got me thinking.

We all need to look after ourselves. No-one else will do it for us.

We are the only ones who can prioritise ourselves. To find some time in our lives to do what we want to do. Family, work, house and caring commitments still need to be juggled but just don't loose the fact that you need to keep well. Both mentally and physically.

You are worth it!

Only last week I was asked if I could do an extra session at a time which I had arranged a swim with friends. I could easily had said, "yes that will be fine", but I said no and found another time that worked for us both. It is not that I don't want the extra work, I really do, but I need to find some time for me as well.

So don't feel guilty for allowing yourself some you time.

  • By telling others you've gone out for a stroll during your lunch time, you might encourage others to do the same.

  • By arranging to share a lift to a class, then it is harder for both of you to let other commitments get in the way.

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