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Push Yourself

Participant - "I'm sure you are working us harder than when I first started."

Me - "Yes I am."

Because I am learning more about aging and how we need to push ourselves.

Just because someone is of greater years or has a long term health condition, doesn't mean a class should be "gentle" or "easy". And mine are definitely not.

They are tailored to those who come and there are always options for all abilities. But they are somewhat gung ho!

This week many class participants have been enjoying boxercise. One memorable moment was when a lady who struggles with balance suddenly realised she could balance when she kicked the strike pad. Yay!


If you think "I'm too old." note that there is at least one 90 year old in this photo and this was not the whole class, so I'm guessing you are not.

If you think "I have X, Y, Z so wouldn't manage." I'm aware of attendees that are blind, stroke survivors, fibromyalgia, knee issues, dementia, and much more..... and they all love the challenge of our activities and games.

Remember you are often capable of more than you think. You just have to give things a go.

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