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Seize The Day

This year seems to be drifting along far too quickly. Jobs I've been meaning to do are lingering. Because Ally doesn't walk far these days I've stopped heading out as much for explores. Boys are growing up and now have other commitments like work! Or have their own ideas what they want to do. My motivation outside of work is not as it was.

So, I've decided to do something about it. Last week I biked back from Keswick with a friend, stopping for tea and fruit loaf at Mungrisedale. I also put the sledges away (been meaning to do this for ages). And decided Wednesday night is adventure night, so picked up the boys from the bus to walk up Blencathra.

This week I am planning more of the same.

So if you are feeling the same. Get your diary out and plan somethings in your week. They don't have to be active, just exciting for you. Another top tip is to write an action list and try to tick a job off every few days. Feels so good to look back and think "I did X, Y or Z."

I'm also planning a Seize the day challenge on 10th July to raise money for Blood Cancer UK.

To encourage you to donate to this worthy charity, every hour in that day I am going to run 1 mile and for the rest of the time I am going to see how many jobs I can get done, experiences I can enjoy and money I can raise.

The main thing I think I will struggle with is no sleep. I do like my sleep.

More information and to donate can be found here:

"Seize the day, take hold of it, and make it whatever you want."

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