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Who Am I?

A number of you know me pretty well.  But I realise there are others who are just considering starting either a group or individual session, and we have not met yet.

So this is me:

Name and Age: Debbie Jackman (50 1/2 years)

Background: I've been teaching exercise for 17 years now.  Prior to that I was an Economist in the Oil Industry.  I am married with two boys.  Norman is doing his A Levels plus rugby at Gosforth Academy and George is doing his GCSE's at Keswick School.  My husband Dylan runs an AirBnB (The Old URC) and works for the Lake District National Park.  We have a young lurcher called Lacey. 

Qualifications: I am a Level 4 instructor which is the highest you can be with specialisations in Exercise for Long Term Neurological Conditions, Exercise and Aging, Health Related Exercise for Children and Physical Activity for Ante/Post Natal Clients.  I am qualified to teach a varied number of sessions from Boxercise/Kickboxercise, Nordic Walking, Personal Training, Circuits, Bootcamp, Exercise to Music, Seated Exercise, Indoor Cycling, Gym, Nutrition and Primal Flow.

Leisure: I try to get a balance between work and life.  I enjoy open water swimming all year round, dog walks, the occasional jog plus crafting.  Currently I am really enjoying doing some pottery, but have in the past made things with the sewing machine, plus crocheted.  I am adventurous with my cooking and love trying new foods.  

What makes my sessions stand out?:  My sessions are fun and effective.  Whether group or individual I give feedback on form, and push people that little bit beyond what they think they can do.  I work from feet up and love a game plus mental challenge or two.

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