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Who Comes To Classes?

Updated: Feb 1

My classes are for everyone. And just to prove, here is a little bit more information about some participants.


Name and Age: Sheila Files, 75


Background: Retired primary school teacher. I used to be quite sporty. Now I mostly enjoy walking the dog and Keep Fit once a week.


Which sessions have you attended? Fitness + Threlkeld and a one-off Nordic Walking


What makes my sessions stand out?: I enjoy the variety - cardio, stretching and relaxation. It is quite challenging, and I can always tell that I've been exercising afterwards! I also enjoy the fun of games we sometimes have. It's good that you can do the exercise at your own level, though I try to keep up with Debbie!


Name and Age: Anne Leaney, 66 (not sure how that happened, feel more like 46 :)


Background: Retired from HR in Cumbria CC in 2015. Several years working as a Geophysicist (seismic data) before moving north 20+ years ago.  Started researching my family tree in covid lockdowns and now have a forest of ‘relatives’. 


Which sessions have you attended? Langwathby Get fit 4 life


What makes my sessions stand out?: sessions are well structured with fun elements included.  I started attending as a way to get my fitness back after breaking my ankle and lower leg.  Debbie has been welcoming and encouraging and I have met people from the village. 


Name and Age: Steven Oldfield, 74 2/3 yrs

Background: Retired police officer, fruit and veg. salesman, courier driver, driver/handyman, bedroom furniture delivery and erection man. I have played many sports for many years, still play table tennis. I have had 4 heart attacks necessitating 3 lots of angioplasty and stents and one triple by-pass. I have one replacement knee, have some problems with my feet and occasional back problems.

Which sessions have you attended? Threlkeld Tuesday class.

What makes my sessions stand out? I think we all enjoy the class and have a bit of fun, as well as giving of our best in the class(es).


Name and Age: Clare Kingston aged 70

Background: born and lived down south til 2004 when moved up to Millom, isolated small town. I have osteoarthritis diagnosed in hands and it is probably elsewhere, very likely ankles. Been carer for many years. Trying to get fit. I used to attend local weekly gym/circuit training for aged 55 years plus, prior to covid. It has stopped now.

Which sessions have you attended? Let's Walk Wed online morning sessions.

What makes my sessions stand out?: I can do them online. I can just get on with it, without having to socialise. i.e. no fuss


Name and Age: Christine. I’m almost 79

Background: I spent 38 years working in the NHS, firstly nursing and then 30 years as district midwife. During the latter part of that period, I qualified in Exercise to music ( which was an essential)  prior to qualifying in ante/ postnatal  and aquaI natal exercise for patients. I retired in 2000 and did 15 years voluntary work on a farm.

Which sessions have you attended? Threlkeld.

What makes my sessions stand out? I have osteoporosis now and COPD which are a bit dibilitating but the reason I like, and feel safe, in Debbie’s classes is because she has a cart load of alternatives to achieve the same benefits as the rest of class are doing. She constantly scans the class in order to ensure correct posture so as to get optimal benefit and also prevent any injuries occurring if an exercise is performed incorrectly. Many teachers are there to get their own workout, a bit like ‘Simon Says’, no observing done. A pleasure to come and have a laugh. And it IS a laugh!

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